YES has two new job opportunities available:

A full time Supported Independent Living Counsellor

Position Summary: The Supported Independent Living Counsellor provides the support necessary to ensure the successful transition of youth and young adults who are on Youth Agreements or Independent Living through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (ages 15-23 years) to independence by preparing them to secure and maintain an independent living situation and to connect/reconnect these youth with the education system or employment market and with community resources.  Much of this position requires working collaboratively in an outreach and community based capacity.

A part-time Life Skills Counsellor

Position Summary: The counsellor will provide support services to at risk youth (12-19 yrs), aiding them with the development of skills including but not limited to: family dynamics, independent living, healthy lifestyle choices, anger management, entering the education system and employment preparation. The Counsellor will also connect/reconnect youth and families to support systems and is responsible for the planning and coordination of the program along with the day to day operations of the program.

Job Postings and Descriptions are available in the jobs section of the website.