It’s that wonderful time of the year again where we get into the giving spirit! If you are looking for ways to give this holiday season consider helping our Alliance Club with their annual youth Christmas party.

Every year the Alliance Club cooks a big Christmas dinner and provides gifts to over 50 youth. For many of our clients this may be the only Christmas they get, and we couldn’t do this every year without the support from the community. If you would like to give a youth in need a gift this holiday season please contact us at or call 250-361-3923 (Mon-Thur 12:30-7:30pm).
When possible we would prefer gifts to be new.

Some items to consider giving would include: sweatshirts, sweatpants, warm coats/jackets, blankets/sleeping bags, men’s shaving kits, makeup/beauty products, pajamas, gift cards/certificates, chocolate/candy, headphones, and shoes.

Thank you for considering donating and helping to support the staff and volunteers that make this event happen every year.