Quality Assurance

In order to provide services that are relevant, efficient and effective YES seeks ongoing feedback from the youth served, their families and community stakeholders.

Your feedback is very important to us as we incorporate your information into our quality assurance activities which help us to identify opportunities for program development, performance improvements, strategic, financial and resource planning, along with program advocacy.  Please see the following link for the 2016 Community Survey results. YES Community Survey 2016 Results public

We want to ensure that our agency is meeting your expectations. Please share with us your experience with our services by completing the following evaluation forms. Or, if you prefer evaluation forms are accessible throughout all our programs in the various locations, please take the time to fill one out and place it in the applicable drop box. These evaluations are voluntarily and if you choose completely anonymous.

If you have a complaint about our services we want to know about it. We take complaints very seriously and where it is within our responsibility, fair and reasonable remedies will be offered where appropriate.

The levels of review outlined in our compliant resolution process ensure adequate consideration and prompt resolution. You can speak to your YES counsellor who can further explain this process to you along with supporting you throughout all stages of this process.

You will not be disadvantaged, suffer any retaliation nor experience any barriers to service through lodging a complaint in good faith, regardless of the outcome.