YES is proud to offer activities that support youths health recreational and social development. Connections provides youth with varied opportunities to begin building a sense of belonging in their community and is made up of four unique components that have been chosen to provide varied skill and social development opportunities.

These components include:

You(th) Can Cook is a community kitchen program catered  towards at-risk youth who are working towards living independently or already live independently but are in need of cooking and nutrition skills. Youth have the opportunity to make a meal and engage in fun activities with peers.

You(th) Can Garden is a community garden situated at the Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter that  provides youth with the opportunity to learn how to grow their own produce and take home healthy fruits and vegetables at no charge. 

Down to Earth is focused on connecting youth to activities that promote healthy recreation, prosocial relationships, and  self growth. Activities such as paddle boarding, rock climbing and skate boarding are made available for youth to connect with their physical well being and push themselves is a safe group environment.

The Anxiety Group provides an opportunity for youth to make meaningful connections not only to other youth experiencing anxiety but also connections within themselves when it comes to their own coping skills and self awareness.

SHIFT is a group for transgender, Two-Spirit, non-binary, and gender diverse youth 13-19 years of age. This group is designed to be an inclusive and safe space where youth can access support related to their gender identity and come together for peer connections. Topics and activities include self-esteem building, coping strategies, navigating medical services, and much morepeers and work on building a safe community.

YES will be offering monthly activities that focuses across these programs that will be offered free of charge to youth. A monthly calendar of events will be available on the website that outline time, date and information about the social activities.

If you would like more information, please contact YES staff at 250-383-3514 or email